Secure Intranet Administration

Administration Tracking

Every entry in your system is tracked. 

You can either, receive an email, or review the User Action Log.

We enter your system only upon an action order or work request: 
  • Ticket Tracker
  • Call-in Request
  • SMS Text or MMS Text 

Once a work request is completed, your Affilia account will have notes regarding the action taken, and Administration Credits are deducted from your account.

Use Ticket Tracking or Email , Call-in, SMS MMS Text your administration request.

User Action: Email

User Action: Log

Live View

We believe in complete transparency and accurate billing.

Make an appointment to live view any changes that will be made to your Intranet.

Once your Affilia account is created, and administration services are enabled, you will be able to schedule live viewings.

Appointment Scheduling