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Group Size
Data Storage

What are your data storage requirements?

Conduct a content audit. Ask yourself and your group members or team:

  1. How much information and media do you already have?
  2. How much additional space will you require each year?
  3. Will you maintain an archive or delete documents, media, and images?
  4. What is the resolution rate files, media, and images will be saved?

Example: 1GB can hold an estimated 595 photos (with a 5 megapixel camera at standard resolution settings). The average photo album holds 200 photos. 


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Select the applications for your system. Customization is available to achieve the look you want.

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Design Services

Select our pre-designed intranet system or estimate the number of hours for customization below.
Customization includes design, build, and if applicable copy and editing.

  • Number of pages multiplied by the complexity level (1-5), with 5 being the most complex
    (If we are writing the copy for you, allow time for review and editing)
  • Number of menu items multiplied by approximately 20-minutes (ACL set up and testing)
  • Allow a cushion of at least 25 percent
Access Controls

Access Controls (ACL) determine which users can view, edit, add and delete various data, documents, and articles within your system.

Example: User Groups
    Membership Group 2 (User Group 2)
         Membership Group 3 (User Group 3)

Example: Access Control Levels (ACL)
Level 1 - All Access
     Level 2 - Limited Access (menu, tab, page; component, module; and form, view, list, item)

Private Email

Determine the number of private email addresses you will require.

Support Plan

Select the support you require
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